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archie trying

archie trying to be a typical little brother. (snuggle -> lick -> bite -> what?)

archie trying to open his early christmas presents.

archie trying to make the best of a bad situation. (safety note: he did this to himself. don’t do this to your cats.)

archie trying to make a mess, the asshole. (the earring he’s playing with is already on the floor.)

guest cat! archie’s cousin bogey taking a tryptophan nap.

archie trying to recover from his turkey coma.

archie trying to pack for thanksgiving break.

update on last post: archie just basically trying to be ridiculous at this point.

archie trying to snuggle with his sister (or possibly usurp the good pillow).

archie trying to make it to the weekend.

I have a cat named Archie. Sometimes he tries to do stuff that he is bad at. (Theme by CherryBam.)

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